Atoluka is a resort, found on 4 km from Ravnogor village. Unlike most mountain resorts, Atoluka can still be called wild place, almost unaffected from the modern world. The holiday house "Atoluka", almost 450 vacation houses and 2 shops are situated on its territory. The area is really beautiful, less known, abounding in herbs and forest fruits (blueberries, raspberries and etc.).






Ravnogor is a small village in the Rhodope Mountains, created on the territory of the ancient traki. The first name of the village dates as far back as the Turkish yoke which was - Koria (forest in Bulgarian ). It has been given with the acknowledgement of Ravnogor as administrative unit of the Turkish Empire in the year of 1777. Because of that, the Turkish couldnt convert to Mohammedanism the inhabitants of that time, they called them aksii (bad), and the village was called Aksi Koria.

Ravnogor is situated on 1362m. The territory of Ravnogor is 92 000 dka. With borderline on north-east-the Grebishko village, south-west the Nova Mahala village,north-west Bratzigovo town. These are parts of the territories of the ancient trakis the evidence to which are many trakian tombs, one of them is the biggest domed tomb in Bulgaria with diameter of 5.30m

According to the researches taken in year 1993-1994 from NASA,the region around Ravnogor in diameter of 40km is  ecologically the cleanest in the whole Balkan peninsula.The examinations are realized through satellite photos taken from a cosmic drilling machine. They are published in the 1994 in the prestigious American magazine "National Geographic". 

On the top "St.Ilia" near the village, there is a monastery,which during the Turkish yoke was working and there were monks in it, but during the process of Rhodope Mohammedanism it has been burnt with other 230 churches. It has been restored in 1908 but exists from more than 400 years. It has been a Christian sanctuary in the whole region. In this moment there are still performed public worship during the whole year and mostly during the Ilinden festival, when  thousands of inhabitants and guests arrive for giving admiration and having a nice weekend with their relatives and friends.

The Ravnogor festival takes place every year on the last Friday of July. The festivals last for three days –until Sunday and are filled with various folklore programs and in the centre is played a chain dance.